From senior pictures and graduation ceremonies straight into wedding season in full force! Heading out the door in a couple hours to shoot my third wedding in two weeks (IU, a barn and a church!). Shuffle into the mix a marathon, a brilliant concert, the Big Ten Track Championships, coordinating the launch of our new golf course and a couple Board meetings, and it’s been a mesmerizing May, already!

I absolutely love life. I’m thrilled with the possibilities of each day. I’m even more thrilled when the new day is accompanied by coffee (he typed, sipping away….).

I’ve carved out large blocks of this summer to travel. That said, I’ll be in Bloomington a hodgepodge of five or six weeks between now and September, so do call or message me if you’d like to get together for a shoot!

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What an exhilarating senior picture and graduation season this has been! High schools still unfolding, but IU wrapping up. I politely bowed out of IU commencement photography, as I’m off to run a marathon this weekend (an odd trade, no doubt!).

Brandon is a budding Artificial Intelligence expert. We had a wonderful shoot talking about his upcoming career. The world is unfolding at astonishing pace, and we’re blessed to have young intellectuals ready to step up and lead the process.

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Whew…. Senior Picture and Commencement season is in full force, and I’ve been all over the region, camera in hand. Such a wonderful adrenaline boost working with so many bright, interesting and inspiring students at the Southern Indiana high schools and Indiana University.

I love thinking, as I’m working with these kids, how they’ll look back on these images in the decades to come, knowing then what they can’t yet know now.

Springtime…. Graduations…. Hot sunshine…. What a blessing this season is, and how much more poignant it feels each successive cycle.

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Road Trips.

The key to a fulfilled life, I'm certain.

God Bless Yosemite, the Majestic Hotel and the blessing to travel, of course.

A raised glass to determination, perseverance and gratitude.





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Midway through a whirlwind weekend, and taking a moment to stop and appreciate the good people I've worked with this past week. I adored Kelly, and am always inspired to talk with like-minded folks who launch businesses after having had successful careers working for others. 


Courage and perseverance and confidence and determination are glorious partners along life's amazing hiking journey.



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Just back from 10 days visiting our son, who's in graduate school at Stanford. We were blessed to do days in (in addition to Palo Alto) San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Napa/Sonoma, Point Reyes National Seashore, Berkeley, Oakland (awesome Glen Hansard concert) and, of course, Yosemite National Park. 

Now back home, I'll be smiling going through the images over the course of the next several days....  

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A packed weekend of shooting and editing, running and playing guitar, corresponding and vacation-planning.... Ah, the beautiful, simple joys of early spring and sunshine.

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I've had no fewer than a dozen clear-miracles happen in my life. There's not a doubt in my mind -- in fact, quite the opposite -- that the miracles of my life are, yes, miracles.

What's this got to do with a photographer's blog?

My family had a meeting that families sometimes (infrequently) have to have. The entire meeting was about my mom, who passed in March. Long story short -- long long long story short -- we leave the meeting and about five minutes later, on the outskirts of town, sits this gorgeous barred owl. My mom collected owls, and loved them dearly. She was, in so many ways, almost parallel with the stereotypes of owls. In loving owls, she in fact saw herself in them. 

My point? First, it was a miracle. I'll say that the owl not only looked at me as would've my mom, but it did a distinct movement of its body that I've seen only one other person, ever, do -- my mom. But, as a photographer? I had a camera and the right lens in the back seat of my car. I stopped the car, reached back, got the camera ready, stepped out of the car (thinking the owl would immediately fly off, which they typically do when they see you looking at them) and was awed that the owl....  just sat. It didn't waver in its calm demeanor, and even, as stated, did an idiosyncratic gesture that absolutely convinced me.....  

This was a two-lane "country" road, one of my favorite roads in the state in its meandering agricultural natural beauty, but was, oddly for owls, about 10am. There was no reason for this owl to be out in daylight, and equally no reason for it to sitting where it was as I happened to drive past.

Carry a camera. Look around. We don't get miracles often, nor do we need to, but we do get moments more frequently that take our breath away, and that's enough for me.

The owl, by the way, stayed perfectly contently in this spot until a large truck came toward us from the opposite direction, at which point the owl turned and flew into the woods. 

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Oh, the places you'll go....

I wonder often about the dual nature of always carrying a camera. Having it with me nearly at all times is some parts Fountain of Youth-ian (wanting to stop time and preserve a moment forever), a bit of seeing the world a bit differently than those who don't photograph may themselves see the world (how does what I see compare to what you see?) and a slice of yearning for fleeting beauty, poignancy and/or deeper meaning in the moments of our lives (how inordinately powerful life would be if all moments were truly heartfelt).

There's a gift element, too. I love shooting for folks who will appreciate the incomparable joy of having beautiful photographs of their lives.

I was thinking this past week that when I'm not with a camera, and am instead going about life's day-to-day, week-by-week tasks, that I'm, in turn, thinking of my next photo session. It's a turn on photographic memory, and is, instead, a photographic horizon.  I think in upcoming photographs. 



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I deeply love being alive, blessed with eyes and free time and a camera and curiosity and the means to travel and wander about.

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