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I deeply love being alive, blessed with eyes and free time and a camera and curiosity and the means to travel and wander about.

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Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.  Thich Nhat Hanh



Emotions, particularly the extremes, are a photographer's friend. The face is a complex, ever-fascinating, gorgeous communicator.  I shot this at a company party, and the woman's smile is captivating to me.  There's a "smile for the camera" type of a smile, and there's a smile in which you can feel joy and gratitude and appreciation and love.


Her smile makes me smile.

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Oh, the cycle.....

I shot this wedding in December, and three weeks later the bride's father died. She went from joyful to distraught in 21 days.

There's no point to the story. No moral. We're compelled to appreciate moments, and we err to believe they'll last forever. It's easy to say "So take photographs to preserve the memories", and that's true, of course, but it sure doesn't fill the cup. Life is extraordinary. Life is heartbreaking. Life is, I believe, best lived with an omnipresent understanding that this too shall pass....

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So, who knew, but there's a limit to how many photographs one can upload per album....  That's not good news, but I'll overcome.


I shot over 20 weddings last year and have another 15 (and counting) on the calendar for 2018.  I believe what I'll do is keep a rotating selection of various weddings under my "Weddings" tab.  


If you're interested in working together, just call/text/email me and I'm delighted to meet you to discuss your wedding vision, and equally happy to bring hundreds of eight-by-ten color glossy photographs (thank you Arlo Guthrie) to illustrate my multiple photo styles for wedding clients.



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Actually got a text today from a wedding client from 2017 who texted "What about us?!?!" on his note. Well, it's true. I'm WAY behind on posting updates on shoots from the past six months....  It's entirely a byproduct of being too swamped, not from preferring one shoot above or over another!


Interestingly, too, some clients ask NOT to be shared on websites and/or social media.  I understand and respect the preference for privacy.  I sign over copyright ownership to clients, so they control the content once I deliver the images.


All that said, I had so much fun shooting so many incredible folks through 2017, and the calendar for 2018 is equally exciting!



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Sometimes my own life humors me. My word and guide for 2018 is "Balance". So, for the first full week of the new year, I just worked 65 hours. Running and guitar lessons fell in line right after work each day, so there's precious-little remaining.


I may never achieve balance. I may not even get to 51% on the balance scale, in fact. 


But, what I lack in meaningful free personal time I suppose I make up for in moments of quiet satisfaction, a sense of a job well done and healthy pride.


No question hearing clients say "Wow!" is an adrenaline boost that'll carry the day every time.



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"I'll be right back. I'm going to go find an iguana to photograph."


Key West is many, many things. Nearly each one brilliant (Papa's Pilar being squarely in that brilliant camp). But for strolling and wandering and meandering and photography it's perhaps unbeatable. What a joyful vibe here. 


Oh, and the iguanas are cool. 


So are the chickens.


And the sunsets.


And the Cuban coffee.


I love the intersection of travel and photography.



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Balance....  What a gift. What an essential life gift.


Enjoying a remarkable three-week trip to Key West, the Everglades and wonderful dart-specific spots throughout the Southeast United States throughout the holiday season. It's wonderful.  (Thank you to my beloved Hemingway for encouraging me to visit Key West the first time 20-some years ago).


I've had such miraculous good fortune with eagles, hawks, osprey, manatees, crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, etc., throughout this trip, in addition to landscape, location and personal photography. I'd be hard-pressed to love this month more (Key West in December is always a win), and the relaxation has fully recharged me for another incredible year of photography in 2018.



I thank God and all influences of my life that I'm able (resources, skill and time) to travel, photograph and appreciate the beauty in this marvelous, magnificent world.

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I'm shooting my final wedding of 2017 this afternoon/evening, in the historic and incomparable Brown County State Park...  This year has been a whitewater raft ride of fast, unexpected, adrenaline-inducing currents with a multitude of blind, unforeseeable sharp turns. I often refer to my 2017 as an old-fashioned pinball game, and I think that's a good description. 

My business has been more successful than I'd ever planned. We've exceeded our annual projections this year by 60%, and our projection itself was a reach to begin with. The year has been an dam-break of activity, and unquestionably will continue to gain momentum.

One key learning this year has been that I won't need to advertise through traditional, conventional avenues any longer. Business has grown through word-of-mouth and referrals, and I'm deeply grateful for each of those recommendations. From the onset, my goal was to provide the best photography experience in South-Central Indiana, when viewed on the prism of price, service and quality. My clients are thrilled with the quality-for-cost, and I absolutely won't get out-worked from a customer service standpoint.  

Without question, though, my key learning of 2017 has been a reminder, of sorts, actually: Slow Down. Prioritize Balance. Say "No" and walk away from work, when work comes at the price of loss of necessary free time. As my business has soared, my free time has all but vanished. I miss days of quiet wanderings, and have already prioritized those as my 2018 goals are written. 

The coming year's calendar is almost already filled. The first thing I created was five full months off (not consecutive months, but sorted through the year), with corresponding locations that I'll be traveling to during those times. I can't wait. 

In turn, I know I'll be far more in-the-moment for my photography jobs. I'll have a renewed zip to my step. 

Travel. Run. Motorcycle. Photograph. Kayak. Hike. Sip coffee. Read. Golf. Listen to great music. Appreciate. Feel grateful. Travel a bit more. 

There's my 2018 blueprint. And a wonderful blueprint, it is.

I hope to work with you in 2018, and/or I thank you for working with me in 2017 or prior. I'm already a better photographer than I was 12 months ago, and I can't wait to see where I'll be this time next year.



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Kristin, Kate and James were wonderful during our recent shoot. We had a challenge with scheduling, as Kristin hoped for Christmas-card-timely shots and my schedule had utterly no availability. Suddenly I had a free 90 minutes at sunset on a weekday early-evening, and after a quick email we came together for a fantastic session. The kids were troopers (the cold front was just moving in -- something we weren't accustomed to this early in the winter season), and the family dog (Tango!) had the time of his life. I'm delighted that they've got some wonderful images to share with extended family and friends this Christmas season. I love the feeling of helping good people through the gift of my eye and vision.

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