Such a joyful weekend shooting the Victor Oladipo basketball camp. As a guy who has loved all things Hoosiers since 1980, it was both a personal high as well as a professional responsibility. The three day/three night camp was a celebration of Indiana basketball, past, present and future. I must’ve shot 5,000 images over the throughout the event, and surely smiled at least 5,001.

My wife said at the end of the weekend, and she’s right, that the teenager-through-young-adult me would’ve been so proud to know that he’d one day be a professional photographer in his favorite town in America, with a studio on Bloomington’s beloved courthouse square, photographing basketball for IU and its amazing players, alums and fans. Not the straightest or easiest road to get to this point, but perseverance has been a friend to me all my life.

Sometimes life gives you moments where you can sit on a rock and say “I’m grateful”. Those are hard-earned, but much appreciated, moments.

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Just this past three weeks I’ve shot a book cover, principle photography for a website rebuild, senior pictures, a wedding, a band’s CD cover, a birthday party, professional headshots, engagements, family portraits and a three-day basketball camp at Indiana University. Whew!

Every day is a remarkable mixture of preparation, juggling, working with clients, editing and, finally, a feeling of genuine fulfillment when finalizing a project.

Jay was a wonderful client. He’s a professional speaker (literally in the speaker’s Hall of Fame!) and New York Times best-selling author of six books. He’s razor-sharp, insightful, zany and interesting. We had a terrific afternoon getting shots for his business. He’s on the road 180 nights a year, so the only challenge in working with him is actually scheduling the session!

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As I was walking through town and campus this week, saying “Hi” and “How are you?” and “Great to see you” to scores of students, the thought hit me that, at any given moment, 400-to-500 young adults who are currently attending Indiana University and the area high schools are clients of my business.

The actual students change every year, of course, through graduation, but the number is relatively constant.

I appreciate the opportunity to live a life in a wonderful, vibrant community, while providing meaningful photographs to the students and their families. It’s fulfilling, and enriches life with enhanced purpose, to gift beautiful images to good people.

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What a fun commercial shoot for the newly-opened Eagle Library in Indianapolis!

They’ve done a wonderful job creating a peaceful spot for the community, and — I’m delighted to say — the most challenging part of the session was the number of patrons who were there reading, browsing and appreciating the new space. Awesome to see a neighborhood come out to love a new library.

Now, what book to read today…..?

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I salute Alaska with a “See you again soon”, and am now fully reengaged into Bloomington-area photography for fall semester.

Headshots in Alaska are perhaps a bit more exhilarating than are headshots in my Bloomington studio, but, that said, they’re also justthatmuch more nerve-racking, as well….!!

Cheers, Alaska. Cheers, Bloomington.

Cheers, to a life fully engaged.

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There’s an odd, if that’s a fair word, bridge that connects a three-month vacation to an upcoming four-month stretch of wall-to-wall photography sessions.

I’m on the middle of that mental bridge right now, looking back at so many brilliant memories of 17,000 miles, 19 states (plus Canada) and extraordinary visuals/experiences throughout, while also looking forward to what’s about to be an explosion of work through late-December.

My business has been the beneficiary of so much good fortune for six full years, and I’m deeply thankful for the ebbs and flows that are hard work coupled with time away from that work. It’s a natural ying and yang, I suppose. Right now I’m on the bridge looking both directions and am feeling wholly, and appropriately, awed.

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Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.


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I’ll never know, or be able to repay, how I get so lucky.

Hiking through Glacier National Park, this gorgeous Mountain Goat walked not 30 yards from us. Following shortly after was its child (who was a bit disheveled in its shaggy, shedding state….). The entire episode lasted less than 20 seconds.

I had said, not an hour prior, that I’d love to see a mountain goat on our hike.

I sure didn’t think that I would, and I still can’t believe that I did.

Sometimes I wonder why I always carry a camera. Sometimes I get an emphatic answer to that question.

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As many times as I’d been to Seattle and vicinity, I hadn’t had the chance to explore Olympic National Park. What a treat seeing the rainforest, the vistas and the wildlife.

Ninety days on the road sure is a luxury of beauty, new experiences and returns to old favorites.

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Beautiful setting at the stunning Suncadia Golf Resort, and a wonderful time hanging with Kayla, Tommy and Belle!

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