Jeff Norris Photography captures the beauty of the folks of South-Central Indiana..... 

We're blessed to call this area home.  Our small towns, abundant rich farmland, tranquil lakes, hundreds-of-miles of national forests and state parks, our iconic university and the stunning options available throughout Monroe, Brown, Lawrence, Green and neighboring counties... 

Artists have long been drawn to this magical region.  South-Central Indiana appeals to the naturalist, the intellectual, the family, the student, the retired and the curious.  The land and its communities blend peacefulness with excitement.  

What might make me different from your other options in choosing a photographer?  Why should we work together?  I admire so many of the enormously talented regional photographers.  Each has his/her own distinct style and approach.  I often recommend other photographers to folks, in fact, based on what you might want.  Here's three reasons though, for starters, that you might choose to work with me...

First, your experience will be fun, relaxed and rewarding.  For portraits, as an example, I've got a nice studio right on the charming Courthouse Square in Bloomington.  After your shoot you have a fantastic choice of restaurants, shopping or leisurely strolling  through town and campus to celebrate your new beautiful portraits.   Or, in contrast, I'm also 100% happy (encouraging, in fact!)  to photograph you at a place or places that are special to you.  Your photo background will be more natural in a non-studio setting and, ultimately, perhaps more personal and familiar for you.  From your own home to maybe on a boat on Lake Monroe, to Brown County State Park or other, I'm committed to capturing images of you as.... well...  as you.

Second, I do only a single assignment each day.  There's no time pressure, whatsoever, for our session.  I'm delighted if we were to meet at Uptown Cafe for breakfast (who isn't?), enjoy lunch in an iconic Nick's booth or have a fantastic dinner at FARM Bloomington, while simultaneously capturing hundreds of beautiful images of you throughout town, campus, countryside and lakeside....  Whatever you would like.  Conversely, I'm equally committed to a high-quality 10-or-15 minute portrait sitting for those who know exactly what you'd like.  We'll produce photographs equal in excellence to a longer session, but in a fraction of the time.

Third, my costs are designed to be inclusive and sensitive to the financial demands of our community.  As simplistic as it sounds, wealth is, for me, the joy I can help cultivate through offering gorgeous images to friends, neighbors and fellow folks who call South-Central Indiana "home".  You'll have dozens of photographs that you'll be proud to share (and will cherish for decades) all for about the cost of a special weekend night out. 

This next paragraph is for high school and college seniors and their families:  Scary decision, huh?  There's the ever-present need to present X about yourself while perhaps preferring to present Y....  I get that.  Let's satisfy both sides of your brain (and/or family!) and work together to create images that'll show you enjoying your interests, while also getting some "academic" shots to please that contingency.....  It'll work out perfectly, you'll see.  

Whether engagements/weddings, family portraits, corporate headshots, business/commercial assignments, sporting events, wildlife excursions or all-day outing, let me help you preserve your own love of time, place, moment and identity.  Every moment is ripe with possibility, and I look forward to working with you.


(One final advantage of choosing me as your photographer, by the way?  I offer a 100% guarantee on every portrait shoot.  If you're not thrilled with your photos, we do a re-shoot and you pay nothing for the first session.  Our goal is identical -- to achieve photographs that you'll love.)